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My Approaches to Therapy

I use a client/couple/family-centered strength-based approach to psychotherapy that focuses on You Shaping You.  The Couple Shaping the Couple.  The Family shaping the Family.  I listen and ask questions so that you can chose the direction of your therapy; what you want and/or need to work on.  We will develop a treatment plan together, which may change as new or more immediate challenges arise.  We may initially work from a solution-focused brief therapy perspective to provide short-term relief (which may become permanent).  Depending on your nature and that of your presenting problem we may work cognitively or emotionally utilizing interventions that You are comfortable with.  At times we may need to explore your past to to understand current behaviors and/or relationship struggles.  During this process we will also look at your whole health because the physical, social, family, work and emotional together affect our wellness in ways we may not know.  This is why I look at our work as A New Wellness Journey!

Tampa Bay Counseling LLC calm office

"You are braver than you believe,

stronger than you seem,

smarter than you think, and

loved more than you'll ever know."

           A.A. Milne

Personal Sessions

Anger, stress, Anxiety, adjustment difficulties, bullying, mild depression, addictions, grief, substance use, trouble focusing, school, career or general life challenges

Psychotherapy with a whole health view

Couple Sessions

Couple-centered counseling working toward harmony, achieving a better understanding of one another.  Parenting. Repairing attachments. Grieving loss.  Uncoupling & dual household parenting


Behavioral challenges, fighting, anger, arguments, tension, Grief.

Psychotherapy to bring siblings and/or the family together

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